Brunches & Afternoon Events

The Caldwell House provides an elegant and intimate atmosphere for any afternoon event – brunch, luncheon, bridal shower, baby shower or birthday party.  Your event will be an absolute delight in the comfortable elegance of The Caldwell House. Guests will enjoy sipping Caldwell Punch on the wide veranda overlooking the west garden and pleasant conversation in the parlor or dining room.

Available catering packages include selections for hot or cold buffet, finger sandwiches, fruit and dessert.  Your party can be as simple or as elaborate as the occasion demands. Whatever your pleasure, The Caldwell House hospitality will make your guest of honor, friends and family exclaim, “How delightful!”

For a truly memorable event, The Caldwell West Garden Pavilion will accommodate your event in the beauty of lush landscaping.

Business Meetings

The Caldwell House is a unique setting for your offsite meeting, temporary workplace or business dinner.  Within walking distance of the Vermilion Parish Court House and other government offices, The Caldwell is convenient and spacious to serve the needs of your business.

The Caldwell dining room can accommodate up to 12 people in comfort and functions well as a private meeting room.  The Caldwell parlor with its bistro tables and chairs can accommodate up to  20 people in privacy, as well.

The house is equipped with tables and wireless internet service.  Catering is available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Best of all, the comfortable furnishings and welcoming atmosphere make The Caldwell House a relaxing place to work!  And, of course, guest rooms are available for overnight stays.

Evening Parties

The Caldwell House’s interior offers the gracious design elements that distinguish this home from ordinary banquet halls. Your event will have an ever-changing ambiance as guests move through its varied spaces throughout the evening.  Its deep front and side porches provide a place to relax and have intimate conversation.

The Caldwell West Garden Pavilion provides additional space for mingling, eating and dancing and will accommodate a small band or DJ.

Law Firm Whole House Rentals

The Caldwell House, due to its being located only 2 blocks north of the Vermilion Parish Courthouse, serves as a comfortable accommodation for law firms wishing to house its attorneys, experts and witnesses in complete privacy and comfort during a trial.  The Caldwell House has experience in law firm rentals and this arrangement aids the attorneys in having a “base” where they can work, meet and concentrate on the trial while The Caldwell staff takes care of everything else.

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