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BLOG:  Small Intimate Weddings

When it comes to weddings, size does matter.  By the time a bride is engaged, she usually has a good idea of the type of wedding she wants.  Some brides dream of weddings and receptions with hundreds of family and friends sharing her special day.  Some brides, however, prefer to focus mainly on what makes her and her fiancé happy, and a small wedding is sometimes the best way to achieve this. 

Most importantly, your wedding should be what you and your fiancé want, particularly if you are paying for it.  You may not be interested in Mama’s dream or sister’s production, unless you envision an event where everyone can get involved.  Small or large, your wedding will create memories for you and your guests – make those memories what you want them to be and moments you both will always cherish.

Some advantages when considering a small wedding are:

You Can Save Money: This is the obvious advantage, that you will save money.  When your budget is somewhat limited, instead of giving a large wedding where you must spend a good bit on space rental and catering & beverage service for your many guests, a smaller wedding will enable you to have more money to spend on the wedding itself where you can have some of the “bells and whistles” and luxury items.  Perhaps a beautifully decorated venue, a sit-down, out-of-this-world dinner, a large band or lots of fresh flowers would mean more to you.

Less Stress:  So many brides begin the process of wedding planning with great excitement that eventually turns into an almost unbearable amount of stress.  By the time the wedding date arrives, they have had family fights, run out of money, and all they want to do is get it over with.  A small wedding will usually mean much less stress as you plan the wedding and reception.  Before you begin planning, think about how you want to spend the months you prepare for the wedding and aim to make it an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Intimate Venue:  If you value more intimacy during your reception with your new husband and your guests, a smaller guest list will give you the opportunity to experience those moments.  You will not feel like you have to spend the entire reception trying to speak to and thank hundreds of guests, some of whom you may not know as they may be guests of your parents or family. Ultimately, a small wedding will mean a much slower pace for you and your fiancé and more intimate moments which will be memorable to your guests, as well. 

The Caldwell House specializes in small, intimate weddings. It is a beautiful bed and breakfast and the historical nature of the home contributes to the luxury and intimacy of any wedding and reception.