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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to have an outside wedding ceremony.  Can The Caldwell House accommodate this?

Many brides and grooms who consider The Caldwell have the desire to have an outdoor wedding.  The East Garden will hold up to 200 guests.  The West Garden Pavilion can accommodate up to 150 guests.


I am considering a hall for my wedding and reception.  What is the difference between a hall and The Caldwell regarding the wedding reception?

In a hall, everything takes place in one large room, sometimes including the wedding ceremony, food, drinks, toasting, cake cutting, dancing, etc.  In The Caldwell House, various rooms and areas are used for various formalities which creates an intimate atmosphere, even with a large guest count.


I don’t know where to begin planning my wedding and reception.  Can you help?

Once a wedding and/or reception is booked at The Caldwell, you will receive The Caldwell Preferred Vendors List which will give you several vendors to call for pricing and information.  The Caldwell consultants will help guide you and answer any questions as you plan your wedding.


Am I required to use only the wedding service providers listed on The Caldwell Preferred Vendor’s List?

The Caldwell requires that one of our 6 approved caterers is used, as well as our beverage service provider.  Other than that, you may choose the vendors of your choice whether on our Preferred Vendor’s List or not.


Can I hire my own caterer for events?

The Caldwell House has 6 approved caterers from which to choose which will fit any budget or choice of foods.  We do not allow outside caterers.  Our approved caterers are:

·              Don’s Custom Catering

·              Chef Bobby & Dot Catering

·              Zea’s Restaurant Catering

·              iMonelli Restaurant Catering

·              Marcello’s Wine Market Café

·              The Elephant Room


Can I bring my own liquor?

Liquor laws are very stringent.  To protect you and your guests, The Caldwell House arranges for a professional beverage service provider who has all the necessary licenses and insurances.  All arrangements for liquor through the beverage service provider at Caldwell events are made by Caldwell staff and the consultant working with you on your event.  We will help you choose a beverage package which fits your budget and event.


Besides the bar indoors, should I have a bar outdoors as well?

A second bar is located outside for receptions of more than 100 guests.


How many types of beer and wine can I select for my reception?

The Caldwell allows 3 choices of beer and 4 types of wine for any function, provided by our licensed beverage service provider.


What happens if I plan on having a wedding in the East Garden and it rains or the weather is cold?

The West Garden Pavilion will be used for the ceremony in the case of inclement weather.  It has curtains which can be drawn on three sides to keep out the rain, heaters for cold weather, and fans for warm weather.


How many guests does The Caldwell House accept for events?

That depends on the type of event and time of the year.  In April and October when the weather is mild, The Caldwell House can hold events for a guest list of up to 200.  During the winter, we accept guest lists of up to 175.  During the summer, a guest list of up to 150 is accepted.


I have hired a wedding planner.  Will The Caldwell allow my wedding planner to coordinate my wedding?

Staff at The Caldwell are happy to work with your wedding planner and will include this person to any meetings of the bride and groom at The Caldwell.


We have family coming from out of town.  Can The Caldwell accommodate them during the wedding?

The Caldwell House has 3 upstairs rooms available for your wedding guests, Morning Glory, Fleur de Lis and Garden View.  Any of these rooms may be rented for $125/night on the night BEFORE the wedding, which includes breakfast the next morning.  The guests may use the room all day during the day of the wedding and may stay in the room the night of the wedding for no additional charge, which will include a gourmet breakfast the next morning.


If I hire a large band, where will they be set up for the reception?

Large bands usually require a stage, tent and tent sides for any event.  During the reception, large bands are located on the grassy area north of and adjoining the West Garden Pavilion.  Caldwell consultants will help you secure rental of the stage and tenting.


I have hired a small band of only 3 members.  Do I have to provide additional tenting?

No.  The Caldwell West Garden Pavilion will accommodate a small band adjacent to the dance floor.


I would prefer that my family and friends do not have to work on the day of my wedding.  What assistance does The Caldwell provide?

The Caldwell staff will not only work with the bride and groom from the date of booking until the wedding, but will also do all of the setup for the wedding and reception, will coordinate the rehearsal, will work and coordinate the event, and will do the cleanup.  This is part of the package you receive when you book a wedding at The Caldwell.


Do you have a room where I can dress with my bridal party?

The Caldwell Bridal Dressing package is available for any bride, whether the wedding and/or reception is held at The Caldwell or at some other location.  This package is included when you book a wedding at The Caldwell.  It includes 3 hours of bridal dressing time for the bride, bridal party and mothers and refreshments are included.


After our wedding and reception, we would prefer not to travel to another location to spend the night.  Does The Caldwell have a honeymoon suite?

The Caldwell Evangeline Honeymoon Suite is included in the wedding and reception package.  It includes a suite on the first floor with a king-sized bed with luxury linens, a fireplace, and a bathroom with a double Jacuzzi spa tub and separate shower.  An in-room breakfast is included the next morning.  This package is available separately for brides and grooms who have weddings held elsewhere.


I am interested in having a photo shoot at The Caldwell prior to my wedding.  Is this possible?

The Caldwell offers a photo shoot package which allows the bride to have photographs taken inside the home and outside in the gardens.  Once you secure your photographer and find out which time of the day he/she likes to shoot, call and make the appointment with us.  For brides who have booked The Caldwell for their wedding and/or reception, this is included in the package.