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The Caldwell House
(c.1907) is named for its owner/builder, Vernon Lee Caldwell, a businessman, civic leader and member of the Louisiana legislature. Its distinctive Queen Anne architecture, with twin turrets framing a symmetrical composition, has earned The Caldwell a listing on the National Registry of Historic Places.

The sheer size of The Caldwell House - over 5,500 square feet - makes it a landmark within the heart of Abbeville's downtown community.  Its generous parlors, halls and grand central staircase create the presence of a luxury villa, yet the house remains warm and inviting.

The Caldwell's original exterior brick walls were stuccoed during the 1920s, and the house received a tiled roof, reflecting the popularity of the Mediterranean Revival style.  Over the past ten years, The Caldwell has been magnificently restored and renovated to recapture its former glory, with classic gardens enhancing the property.