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BLOG: Protect, Save and Serve Breakfast

Protect, Save and Serve Breakfast at The Caldwell House

On the morning of Wednesday, September 19th, fire trucks and police cars were parked all around The Caldwell House and in the parking lot.  Neighbors and passers-by were concerned that something bad had happened.  But, no, there was nothing to worry about.  It wasn’t anything BAD  – in fact, it was something GOOD!

The Caldwell House teamed up with Zea’s Restaurant Catering and Don's Custom Catering to host a complimentary breakfast for Vermilion Parish policemen, firemen, National Guard and ambulance service men and women, all of whom put their lives on the line every day to serve our parish.

Zea’s Restaurant Catering and Don’s Custom Catering provided the food for the breakfast and the selection of food was impressive.   The turnout was even better than expected and the staff at The Caldwell House were honored to serve those people who spend their lives serving us all.

One lucky person, a fireman, won a free overnight stay in The Caldwell House Morning Glory Suite, complete with a gourmet breakfast.

The Protect, Save and Serve Breakfast was so successful, it will become an annual event.  We thank everyone who participated in the event to make it such a success.